Past Investments

Plumettaz is a market leader in cable-laying machines for the installation of optical fibre and energy connections. Designed and manufactured in Switzerland, Plumettaz serves a world-wide customer base. Cable-processing solutions are also sold to OEMs in other industries.

Year of exit: 2021
Turnover: EUR 33 million
Employees: 130
Locations: CH, US, CN, SG
Industry: High-tech machinery

Investment role:
Lead investor
Michel Galeazzi

ASIC develops, assembles, and implements turnkey automation solutions for various high-tech industries. The company has an outstanding reputation for reliability and quality and has delivered every project on time and budget in the last 20 years since its founding.

Year of exit: 2018
Employees: 180
Locations: CH, DE
Industry: Automation

Investment role: Co-lead investor
Responsible: Michel Galeazzi

Captain Tortue designs and distributes fashion for women and children. The company applies a direct distribution model to the textile retailing.

Year of exit: 2018
Turnover: EUR 68 million
Employees: 280
Locations: FR, UK, ES, CH, DE
Industry: Textile

Investment role:
Felix Ackermann
DS Care SA operates care homes for the elderly in Northern Italy. Its services range from assisted living to full medical care.

Year of exit: 2016
Turnover: EUR 24 million
Employees: 180
Locations: IT
Industry: Health and social care

Investment role: Lead investor
Responsible: Felix Ackermann

Enviromena is the solar-park EPC market leader in the MENA region. From landmark projects to smaller distributed energy programmes, Enviromena offers one-stop solutions to project owners.

Year of exit: 2017
Turnover: EUR 30 million
Employees: 70
Locations: CA, UAE, JO
Industry: Energy services

Investment role: Minority
Responsible: Michel Galeazzi

Hehnke is an automotive supplier specialised in precision injection molding of complex and multi-component parts for leading OEMs. Hehnke products are also supplied to the medtech, electronics, and furniture industry.

Year of exit: 2020
Turnover: EUR 20 million
Employees: 105
Locations: DE
Industry: Engineering

Investment role: Lead investor
Responsible: Philipp Stoll

Kyotec is a specialised design and engineering house for curtain walls used in representative buildings. The company’s track record includes top-notch projects such as the Philharmonie in Paris and the Torre Agbar in Barcelona.

Year of exit: 2020
Turnover: EUR 42 million
Employees: 70
Locations: LUX, PL, BE
Industry: Engineering

Investment role: Lead investor
Responsible: Michel Galeazzi

Learnship offers a sophisticated platform for enterprise language trainings, connecting highly qualified trainers directly to employees. The company’s programmes are cost-efficient for companies and flexible for learners.

Year of exit:  2017
Turnover: EUR 11 million
Employees: 140
Locations: DE, FR, CH, US
Industry: Language training

Investment role: Minority
Responsible: Lorenzo Gregory Sormani

zSol is a development and finanancing company for solar power plants in Europe and abroad. Following its successful investments, the company is now exiting its assets.

Year of exit:  2018
Location: UK
Industry: Infrastructure finance

Investment role: Minority
Responsible: Michel Galeazzi