Our business

Evoco invests in outstanding companies

We are active owners and believe in investor-driven and management-led value creation. We have supported more than 30 businesses become leaders in their markets.

Evoco acquires multiple companies per transactions

We have a proven track record in executing complex transactions and are the market leader for fund and portfolio acquisitions across continental Europe.

Evoco partners in fund successions

We successfully collaborate with the best fund managers in their succession journey. We are known for creating balanced and pragmatic solutions.

Our focus

Portfolios of established SME companies

Where our experience creates most value.

Investments typically between EUR 25m and EUR 100m

Where our entrepreneurial approach delivers the highest returns.

Western Europe

Where our background makes us a local partner.

Core industries

We focus on the industrial, services, and consumer goods sectors, where our network and experience help boost company performance.

Our values

Open and honest

We speak what we think. The most effective use of our energy is at work, not in corporate politics.


We are innovative investors, striving to change Private Equity to an even more exciting and attractive industry.

Individualistic and self-driven

Our core is our team: a group of hard-working, ambitious, and committed individuals, each with his or her contributions.

Commercial and fair

Our ethos is paramount: we believe in fair interactions that create value for all stakeholders.


Our track record is our biggest asset, and we act in a way that can be referenced.

Our history

companies invested in

companies supported


Final Close of Evoco TSE III SCSp


Evoco team counts ten investment professionals


Raising of Evoco TSE III SCSp


Evoco team grows further to eight investment professionals


Evoco team grows further to six investment professionals


Raising of Evoco TSE II LP


Evoco team grows to three investment professionals


First portfolio transaction and raising of Evoco TSE I (N.E.I. LP)


Michel Galeazzi and Felix Ackermann reconvene to found Evoco


Foundation of Rhino Partners


Felix Ackermann and Michel Galeazzi start working together at 3i Group